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USBmicro Products, Services, and Online Development Notebook Products Order USBmicro Products Product Design Contacting USBmicro U401 USB Interface U401 Specs U401 Pinouts U401 Capabilities U421 USB Interface U421 Specs U421 Pinouts U421 Capabilities U451 USB Interface U451 Specs U451 Pinouts Installation Troubleshooting Programming Overview USBm DLL Programming General VB DLL Example General C# DLL Info RobotBASIC MSVC++ Example Delphi Interfacing LabVIEW Interfacing Raw Device Programming General VB Raw Example General Linux Info General Mac OSX Info DLL Commands Device Commands InitPorts WriteA WriteB WriteABit WriteBBit ReadA ReadB SetBit ResetBit DirectionA DirectionB StrobeWrite StrobeWrite2 StrobeRead StrobeRead2 StrobeWrites StrobeReads ReadLatches InitLCD LCDCmd LCDData InitSPI SPIMaster SPISlaveWrite SPISlaveRead Wire2Control Wire2Data Stepper Reset1Wire Write1Wire Read1Wire Write1WireBit Read1WireBit Download Files U4x1 Application Notes App0: Cmd Test App0: VB USBm.dll App1: Output App2: Input App3: LCD HD-44780 LCD Info App4: SPI Output App5: SimmSticks App6: Digio Digio Tutorial App7: Stepper Motor Control App8: SPI ADC SPI Devices App9: 1-Wire (MicroLAN) DS18S20 Sensor AppX: OSX Interface App11: Home Domination Amp It Up! Temp Sensors App12: Large LED Display App13: Angle Sensor App14: 2-Wire to PCF8574 App14: VB6 using USBm.dll App17: REALBasic OSX Temperature FAQ Misc Applications / Information / Tools Under $20 Hot Air Soldering Atmel AVR Article Resistor Drawer Labels AVR Dragon Development Tool Red 4 Digit 7 Segment Display Links USB CircuitGizmos SimmSticks StrandControl Home Domination RobotBASIC Kadtronix Magazines / Info