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App11: Home Domination


Introduce a commercial home automation program.


Home Domination is Windows home automation software that supports the U401 and U421 devices. With Home Domination you can create powerful macros that can be triggered by inputs connected to U4x1 devices as well as by X10 signals or trigger at selected times.  You can control U4x1 devices or X10 devices and there are numerous other macro actions that let you take snapshots from video devices, send email, play sounds, start other programs, and more.  It has a remote client as well so you can control your U4x1 devices from anywhere in the world!

Home Domination Screen Image


The U401 or U421 USB Interface devices can be used to control low voltage wiring. The U401 and U421 USB Interface can be used to attach 1-wire devices (from Dallas Semiconductor).  Currently, there is support for the DS18S20, DS18B20, and DS1822 temperature sensors. 

Obtaining Home Domination

StrandControl ( sells the U401 and the U421. They can be purchased with the home automation software, or separately.

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