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SPI Devices

Example SPI devices:


Analog Devices (

AD7715, AD7811, AD7812, AD7816, AD7817, AD7818, AD7853, AD7858

Burr Brown (

ADS1210, ADS1211, ADS1212, ADS1213, ADS1286, ADS7812, ADS7813, ADS7818, ADS7834, ADS7835

Cirrus (

CS5531, CS5533, CS5532, CS5534

Linear Technology (

LTC1091, LTC1092, LTC1093, LTC1094, LTC1096, LTC1098, LTC1197, LTC1199, LTC1285, LTC1288, LTC1287, LTC1289, LTC1290, LTC1291, LTC1286, LTC1298, LTC1404, LTC1418, LTC1594, LTC1598, LTC2400, LTC2408, LTC2410, LTC2420

Maxim (

MAX144, MAX145, MAX146, MAX147, MAX157, MAX159, MAX186, MAX188, MAX1084, MAX1085, MAX1106, MAX1107, MAX1110, MAX1111, MAX1112, MAX1113, MAX1202, MAX1203, MAX1204, MAX1240, MAX1241, MAX1242, MAX1243, MAX1270, MAX1271, MAX1400, MAX1401, MAX1402, MAX1403

Microchip (

MCP3001, MCP3002, MCP3004, MCP3008, MCP3201, MCP3202, MCP3204, MCP3208

Texas Instruments (

TLV1504, TLV1508, TLV1544, TLV1570, TLV1572, TLC1514, TLC1518, TLV2541, TLV2542, TLV2545, TLV2544, TLV2548, TLC2554, TLC2558,

EEPROM⁄Serial Non-volatile

Atmel (

AT25010, AT25020, AT25040, AT25080, AT25160, AT25320, AT25640, AT25P1024, AT25HP256, AT45D011, AT45D021, AT45DB021, AT45DB041, AT45D081, AT45DB161

Fairchild (

NM25C020, NM25C040, NM25C041, NM25C160, NM25C640, NM93C06, NM93C56, NM93C66, NM93C46, NM93C56, NM93C46A, NM93C46A, NM93S46, NM93S56

Microchip (

25AA040, 25LC040, 25C040, 25AA080, 25LC080, 25C080, 25AA160, 25LC160, 25C160, 25LC320, 25C320, 25AA640, 25LC640

NexFlash (

NX25F011A, NX25F041A, NX25F080A, NX25M


FM25L256, FM25W256, FM25CL64, FM25640, FM25CL160, FM25CL04, FM25040

SanDisk (

SDMB-4, SDMB-8, SDMB-16, SDMB-32

SGS Thompson (

M35080, M93C86,  M93C76, M93C66, M93C56, M93C46, M93C06, M93S46, M93S56, M93S66, M95010, M95020, M95040, M95080, M95160, M95320, M95640, M95128, M95256, ST95010, ST95020, ST95040

Xicor ( )

X25020, X25040, X25160, X25F008, X25F016, X25F032, X25F064, X25F128

Digital Pots

Analog Devices (

AD8400, AD8402, AD8403

Dallas ( )

DS1267, DS1844

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