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App5: SimmSticks Application


Provide information about using the U401 with the many available SimmSticks. For more information on SimmSticks, see SimmSticks.


The U401 is compatible with much of the form of the SimmSticks. It is true that the PCB is not thin and notched to fit in a SIMM socket, but the intent if the design is to still remain usable with SimmSticks. The U401 is electrically compatible with the SimBus standard.

The U401 SimBus edge can be populated with a SIP-style connector, either right-angle or straight. When built in this way, the U401 can be used in SimmStick host boards that use the pin-type of sockets.

Using pin connections in the U401 also allows the device to be used in "white experimenter boards" or "solderless breadboards".

A single SIMM socket can be attached to the U401 turning the U401 into a host board for a SIMM SimmStick.

A DT208 SimmStick Adaptor Board can be used if it is necessary to use the U401 with SIMM sockets.

Screen Shot

For an example, the U401 was attached to a DT203 with populated LEDs. The sample program marched an illuminated LED through all 16 positions.


A U401 used in a solderless breadboard:

A U401 attached to the rear of a DT003 main board:

A U401 in the SIMM socket of a DT003 using pins and a DT208 with a socket strip:

A U401 with right-angle pins attached to a DT203:

A U401 attached to a DT204 board:

A U401 attached to the top of a DT205 relay board:

A U401 using the DT208 "skinny" board converter:


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