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App6: USB Digital I⁄O Commander (Digio)


Demonstrate advanced control and automation using a commercial control program.


The USB Digital I⁄O Commander gives you full control of digital I⁄O for any application including robotics, industrial control, or hobby I⁄O.  The heart of the product is the U4x1 USB interface.  This module provides the interface between your I⁄O and the PC computer.  Taking advantage of USB technology, the system is easily expanded to suit your needs.  A single USB module provides 16 I⁄O signals, configurable in any combination of inputs and outputs.  If you need more signals, simply add additional modules.

To purchase this combo package visit the USB Digital I⁄O Commander page.

Digio Screen Image


Would you like to use your PC in a data acquisition or control application?  The USB Digital I⁄O Commander allows you to set digital outputs and read digital inputs.  In addition, it allows you to specify an event to occur when a specific input or set of inputs changes state.  For instance, you can configure the software to send a pre-determined e-mail message to a recipient when input bits 0 to 3 equal the value "14".  Or, configure to play a wav sound when bit 5 is "high".  You can do this and much more.  With 5 different notification types, the possibilities are limit-less.


The USB Digital I⁄O Commander manual can be consulted for further details. For further questions contact Kadtronix.


The USB Digital I⁄O Commander uses one or more U4x1 USB interfaces. The devices that the U4x1 then interfaces to must operate on CMOS outputs (for device control) or provide CMOS levels to the U4x1 for monitoring.


There is a 30-day trial version now available from Kadtronix.  This fully functional version has all the features of the purchase version and is fully compatible with the U4x1 USB interface module.  After loading the zip file, uncompress using WinZip or other utility program.  Then run the setup file and follow the instructions.  (U4x1 required for interfacing to your I⁄O.)  Downlod this file for the trial application.

Obtaining the Combo Package

The USB Digital I⁄O Commander application and a U4x1 USB interface is available as a package from Kadtronix.

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