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Ordering USBmicro Products


USBmicro products are available for purchase in the United States and select other countries from CircuitGizmos

USBmicro products are available for purchase worldwide from Dontronics. Please see this ordering page to order the U401⁄421 from Dontronics.

Please see App5: SimmSticks for some SimmStick information.

StrandControl ( sells the U401, U421, U451, and the special U421-SC3. They can be purchased with the home automation software, or separately.

Please see App11: Home Domination for more information about Home Domination.

Kadtronix sells the U401⁄U421 bundled with the control program called Digio. Please see the Kadtronix web site or the Digio app note.

Please see App6: Digio for more information about Digio.

Product Shipping

USBmicro ships products via USPS for US delivery and via Airmail for international delivery. When shipped via USPS or Airmail a tracking number is not created.

Because of the time zone differences, products ordered from Dontronics are delayed by the slow spin of the earth. Shipments will be affected by this.

Shipments to countries outside of the United States are likely to incur additional costs. It is the receiver's responsibility to pay for these fees. Such fees could be inport duties or local taxes. USBmicro is not involved in this process.

If a shipment is damaged or lost, you must contact the carrier or import office for your claim. Because there are some countries where a large number of packages are lost or stolen, USBmicro reserves the right to not ship to select countries.


All information provided to USBmicro for product shipment will be kept private. USBmicro never shares private information.

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