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U4x1 Installation


The U401⁄U421⁄U451 is assembled and tested. To install the U4x1, no special driver installation is required. The HID drivers that are a part of Windows are all that are required.

Physically, to attach the U401⁄U421⁄U451 to your PC, simply insert the USB connector in any available USB port either on the machine, or on a USB hub.  The U4x1 can be plugged into the machine prior to turning the machine on, or even after the machine has powered up. This USB device, like all USB devices is "hot plug-able".

After the U4x1 is connected, Windows will detect this new device and automatically associate the HID driver with this device.

If the HID driver was installed on your hard drive as part of Windows installation, or if it was installed after attaching another HID device, then the HID driver is automatically run.

If, however, the HID driver is not located on your hard drive, then Windows will request the driver from your Windows installation CD. Follow the driver installation prompts. Once installed, the HID driver will not be requested again.

Please be aware that the devices are sensitive to static. Always use proper static-sensitive device handling techniques.


When using the DLL for programming the U4x1, the DLL can be placed into the Windows system directory, or in the same directory as executable code.

Refer to the VB examples for information about the VB support files.

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