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Welcome to USBmicro!

USBmicro is your source for USB electrical device interface products.

With the USBmicro products you can utilize the USB port on your computer to interface to various electronic devices. The USBmicro products provide a range of devices that allow you to use your personal computer to interface to and control lights, LCD displays, SPI (3-wire interface) analog and memory devices, 2-wire interfaces (such as I2C), stepper motor drivers, switches, 1-wire (Dallas⁄Maxim) devices, relays, and many custom circuits.

U401 USB Interface

U421 USB Interface

U451 USB Relay Interface

USBmicro products are available for purchase in the United States and select other countries from CircuitGizmos

USBmicro products are available for purchase worldwide from Dontronics. Please see this ordering page to order the U401⁄U421⁄U451 from Dontronics.

This is the Online Development Notebook (ODN) that provides development information and application information for USBmicro products. A single-file version of the ODN available for download is here (pdf file) Please be aware that this version will very likely not be as up-to-date as the on-line version. The pdf file can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader and may be much easier to print than the web site.

Feedback about the ODN is encouraged. You can email the ODN author (" robert " at with questions, suggestions, or information about errors.

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The U401 devices are SimmStick(TM) Compatible. Dontronics has a U.S. pending trademark registration on "SimmStick", with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

"Windows" is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. "Macintosh" is a trademark of Apple, Inc. "Red Hat" is a trademark of Red Hat, Inc. "Delphi" is a trademark of Borland. "1-wire" is a trademark of Dallas⁄Maxim. Other trademarks are property of their holders.

Hardware:  U401 USB Interface    U421 USB Interface   U451 USB Interface

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USBmicro can design your custom and semi-custom USB product. Email about USB design can be directed to " Robert " at

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